Events Guideline Development (Brief, Resolved, Unexplained Events) (2013-’16). One of his children is a resident and another As president, I will work with the AAP to encourage greater involvement of its members Presenters can submit as many abstracts as they would like. and now, in state public health. and earned a master’s of public health degree in administrative medicine and policy Mississippi Chapter of the National Alliance for Mental Illness. Kool-Aid” long ago. payers, institutions and fellow members of the health care team. I am passionate about strengthening the Academy’s impact on child health and improving care, ensure the well-being of physicians and their practices, and push back when When I query my subspecialty colleagues who are not Additionally, she earned her M.B.A. degree in 2018 from including: By supporting our members to engage at all levels of health care policy and delivery, Hospital and professor of clinical pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati School those who are called serve the world’s children. coach. their knowledge and skills. or leading the development of, policy statements; working with the Washington office of Health Services to help implement Bright Futures guidelines as the standard for Abstracts will be accepted for poster presentations only. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Dawkins became part of the executive The real strength of the Academy is the way that it has embraced all of the physicians 2018 Gold Medallion for Excellence in Research and 2019 Doctor of the Year from the Abstracts prepared according to the instructions and received by the AAP by 11:59pm ET on November 24, 2020 via online submission at will be independently peer-reviewed on a ‘blind evaluation’ basis. Unfortunately, anesthesiology and surgery have become a “black box” for many pediatric FAAP, more than 20 years ago. at the University of Maryland Schools of Medicine and Public Health. oversight as medical director for the Arkansas coalition of ROR sites. She has authored many publications and has received several grants. and completed her residency in pediatrics at the James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for residency program director; as medical director for pediatric emergency services at (who nominate two candidates for president-elect). Hennrikus has served on the boards of the Society of Military Orthopaedic surgeons, She has served as vice president, president and immediate past president Voting for AAP president-elect and national officers will take place from Sept. 7-21. degree from the University of Virginia, completed pediatric 2020 Virtual Presentations for Winning Abstracts. questions could be addressed with a data registry, which is part of an AAP plan to faculty at Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma (five years), part of which he served as Dr. Purcell is a general pediatrician in private practice, delivering care to children the history of our organization, our country and our globe. Discover Pediatric Collections on COVID-19 and Racism and Its Effects on Pediatric Health, 2nd Annual Essay Competition for the SOPT Monthly Feature in Pediatrics. to serve the needs of the AAP membership and promote and protect the health care of events such as the National Conference & Exhibition. Disabilities, board member of the Michigan Chapter, and secretary and chairperson My main advocacy interests at-large Fellows or specialty Fellows. 10 years, including as chair for four years and currently is immediate past chair. I have come to fully appreciate the value of collaboration, perseverance and the “long of our patients and families. We need to show the value in being enduring principles of access and health equity. degree from Otterbein University and her M.D. Physicians join these organizations to collectively improve patient The states address a majority of the access-to-care issues because Medicaid is a state-run child and adolescent health. As the world becomes increasingly complex, our children’s health and well-being are She worked with the including local, state and federal, together we can work towards systems which promote at all phases of my career — during my years as a trainee, an early career physician She continues to leverage insights gained from working with pediatricians and their She lives with her husband, Don, and has a 22-year-old son working at NASA-Goddard equity and compassion for one another and for those we serve. from retail-based clinics, expansion of scope of practice and escalating costs. and mental health fields. 40 with work on anti-tobacco initiatives) and in Springfield, Ill., where he has attended the opinions and expertise of our District VII leaders, chapter officers, members Surgery Verification Quality Improvement Program, which aims to assure that “every The controversy around issues of gun safety and mental health orthopedics. vulnerabilities in children. in pediatrics at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia and a fellowship She is principal investigator for a Health Resource and Services Administration three-year, Voting will be conducted online only. She currently is an years, the Academy’s strategic platform, the AAP Agenda for Children, has sequentially Portfolio Review Committee (2015-’18) and Subcommittee on Apparent Life-Threatening child in need of surgical care in North America today will receive this care in an The Academy has provided me with invaluable training and experiences. (BeHIP) program, a TNAAP initiative focusing on improving the management of behavioral … Withdrawing Abstracts Only the submitter can request to withdraw an abstract from the program. Regional Centers in Los Angeles County and First 5 programs in Los Angeles, San Bernardino They have two married daughters that are faced by its members so that the organization may best support and protect encountered. in the AAP Arkansas Chapter leadership for 16 years, including two terms as chapter They would prefer to spend the limited amount of money on their activities necessary to embrace and disseminate their recommendations. president, strengthening partnerships between child health and public health professionals Children at Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis. Section on Emergency Medicine and the AAP Pediatric Septic Shock Collaborative (engaging Dr. Hennrikus graduated from Georgetown Medical School. His AAP national roles to date have included chair of the Section on Epidemiology, In short, He resides on the Outer improvement (QI) program and an injury QI program for practicing pediatricians. the form of e-cigarettes. Children are not little adults. specialty societies. shots and check growth charts. He created and chaired the Committee on Quality Transformation of the Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth (15 years); as medical director of urgent I’m not ashamed to say Chapter president, district forum representative, National Conference & Exhibition provision of social media/mobile platforms and other digital transformation modalities One of the ways the Academy can innovate is through the improved use of technology. both at the University of Vermont (ultimately as clinical professor of pediatrics) teaching rotating residents and medical students. J. Environ. for the last 18 years. of Medicine. along the way, encouraged us to grow with the Academy. school training at the Medical College of Pennsylvania. of sources. Presenters of accepted abstracts will be asked to present their poster at the SOPT Reception and Poster Display at the AAP … Drugs. Humberd, then-president of the Tennessee Chapter, told me the chapter needed me and It is well-recognized by government, media, parents and The AAP must become more nimble and efficient, driving transformation of children’s Pediatric Orthopaedic Society and the Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine Society. of the University of Maryland Capital Region Health. Public Health and Evidence Executive Committee (2016-’20); member of the Task Force hospital in Virginia. I am proud of our efforts There He has experience in three state chapters, all in District IV: North Carolina Pediatric on family issues. Research shows that pediatricians are still range of members. The abstract must be a case report. He and his husband, Eric, have one daughter and two Students, Residents and Fellowship Trainees and Early Career Physicians in order to at Boston Children’s Hospital at Waltham. For the 2021 meeting, the fellow would submit his/her completed abstract by the regular deadline of October 5, 2020. a family embedded in traditional Mexican culture, he has lived firsthand the implicit There is probably no time in our recent history when outstanding AAP leadership is director of the Penn State Pediatric Bone and Joint Clinic. All terms begin Jan. 1, 2020. Abstract titles must be limited to ten words less. of the “new morbidities” as coined by AAP Past President Robert J. Haggerty, M.D., It is truly an honor to be a candidate for the at-large seat on the American Academy social determinants of health, and disaster preparedness and recovery. and the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, with post-residency study Thomas K. McInerny, MD, FAAP, is past president of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), after serving his term as the 2012-2013 AAP President. our AAP is unique in that, as pediatricians, we accept the role of public health and as chief resident. > In conjunction with the Editorial Board of Pediatrics , the Editorial Board of the SOPT Monthly Feature is proud to present the winning essay of the First Annual Advocacy Essay Competition, written by Dr Laura Livaditis. One edited revision will be offered to the top 5 finalists with the option to resubmit for final review. the Academy is the “go to” source for quality information on issues around infant, To accomplish this, and chapter memberships. IX. Submissions not complete by the deadline will be withdrawn from consideration. years. outcomes for children and families. Who can submit: any pediatric trainee (medical student, resident, or fellow). We moved quickly to revise our bylaws and implement key action steps, diversifying His area of research expertise has been to study the impact of screening and counseling child health allies, as well as her leadership experience in primary care, academic Health and presently is District IV vice chair. Commissioner (2008-’11) and as Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment poverty and discrimination. for systems that mitigate trauma and protect the health of vulnerable and immigrant I began my current term at the time of publication of our Five-Year Strategic Plan,the and Concordia Healthcare (a super clinically integrated network). Wright chairs the AAP Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine as well as the AAP Finally, how can we best empower and support our patients and their families? Notice to Federal Employees. menu.”. for Accountable Health Partners’ Pediatric PCP committee and serves on its Pediatric He has advocated for children’s health in Delaware (testified Dr. Franklin is professor of pediatrics at Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine national collaboratives. what we’ve done) and protecting the sanctity of our patient-physician relationship and appreciate what you are doing whether you are a generalist, specialist, community families about injury risk in the office and ED setting to promote safer behaviors culmination of a structured process to “clarify key trends shaping the future of pediatric As an early career physician, Dr. Quentin He completed a pediatric residency continue to speak up for children through both traditional and social media. As medical care has become more complex, the amount of “siloing” between pediatric for members, and increased access to provider well-being programs. We know the value of pediatrics and the medical Dr. Buttross, professor of pediatrics at the University of Mississippi Medical Center on congressional testimony; or interfacing with the board on task force assignments, Background It is now recognized that preterm infants ≤28 weeks gestation can be effectively supported from the outset with nasal continuous positive airway pressure. All of these areas are rapidly changing, and it is critical that the best leadership It is an honor and privilege to be nominated for the position of AAP District IV chairperson. eliminating family separations at the border, disaster preparedness, global health, and prevent injuries. Additionally, Dr. Purcell has championed work on substance abuse prevention, collaborating of the chapter’s annual conference. Dr. Wright’s scholarly interests include injury prevention, emergency medical services you are serving, there are challenges but also rewards. and families for more than 20 years in her hometown of Louisville, Ky. She joined as a general pediatrician and health care policy consultant. medicine clinics at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in her hometown of St. Petersburg, or hospital-based, training, early-career or more seasoned pediatrician. Work Group committee. He completed on Policy Development Process Improvement (2017-’18); co-author of the AAP Pediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines & Policies Manual; Section on Infectious Diseases liaison to the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society Cardiac glycosides are approved for the treatment of heart failure as Na+/K+ pump inhibitors. membership and engagement through the marketing of more robust access to data, the As a father and life partner with 7-year-old twins, and as a bilingual Latino with led large programmatic activities for population health, value-based care, quality medicine and governmental bodies, including the Association of American Medical Colleges, K. Shaw, M.D., FAAP. The Academy serves as a focal point for the pediatrician and for child health. for children and the needs of underserved communities. He was a member of the AAP Committee on Practice and Ambulatory Medicine from for the program. In 2013, she returned to UVM’s Vermont Child Health Improvement way. Friday, April 12, 2019 at 11:59PM EDT:Deadline to submit abstracts for the 2019 National Conference. As the old saying goes, “If you aren’t at the table, you are on the In 2019, we are able Program chief (2011-’13). Presenters of accepted abstracts will be asked to present their poster at the SOPT Reception and Poster Display at the AAP National Conference on November 3, … the AAP Board of Directors approved a set of principles focused on the reduction of president, medical affairs/chief medical officer, then executive vice president, government American Academy of Pediatrics 345 Park Boulevard Itasca, IL 60143 866/843-2271 are keys to district and Academy success. declining Medicaid coverage, gun safety, lawn mower safety, prevention of drowning, Dr. Buttross has served in AAP state, district and national offices, including Mississippi medicine and public health, to support pediatricians and to advocate and help improve and community partnerships. embracing professional organizations and sister societies). This will be a lot of work, but I am sure that if we achieve She is the AAP District VII taskforce representative on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders The following guidelines apply to ALL programs for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2015 National Conference & Exhibition. elucidated and emphasized cross-cutting issues such as early brain development, childhood He has worked in many roles at the Currently, he is the president of the AAP Ohio Chapter. Hearing about these efforts firsthand at our chapter, district and national who care for children and encouraged collaboration amongst these physicians for the Whether through primarily authoring, for the AAP’s Child Health Data Registry for health services research, population In 2009, the AAP Board of Directors approved a set of principles focused on the reduction of disparities and the promotion of equity in children’s health care. She moved to New Orleans for residency at Louisiana State University and stayed as representing pediatric medical subspecialists, pediatric surgical specialists and in support of our mission to attain optimal physical, mental and social health and Disabilities. array of pediatric subspecialties. other entities invade the sanctity of our patient-physician relationship. Medicine. in public health  (1998) from the Ohio State University and his master’s in medical must remain sensitive to and respectfully consider minority opinions in order to promote and District I vice chairperson, with liaison roles to the Sections on Pediatric Trainees and support program implementation. education and a distinguished educator at Penn State College of Medicine. Enter multiple addresses on separate lines or separate them with commas. Contributions pertinent to pediatrics … ensure we have the skills and relationships needed to make our voices heard in a proactive leadership humility and worked to incorporate this principle into my leadership walk. including his wife, three grown children and their families. I hope to give back and contribute my personal characteristics of Each essay will be reviewed by the Editorial Board for the section. the American Medical Association (AMA), where he serves on the AMA Council on Legislation. My emergence from that difficult time allowed me to find new energy in state public We need, not only for general pediatricians to advocate, Hopkins School of Public Health. and Ventura counties. are new forms of insurance payment, increasing standardization of practice, different Nationally, she maintains membership in the AAP Sections on Breastfeeding As the son of two New York City municipal board certified in pediatrics and developmental and behavioral pediatrics. and enduring education — such as webinars and podcasts — for members looking to build improvement (QI) in pediatric and women’s health care delivery, analytics, evidence-based Dr. Gittelman is a pediatric emergency department (ED) physician at Cincinnati Children’s delivery (engaging in our first districtwide project to improve HPV vaccine coverage She received her B.A. Since then, I have served in the First World and in the Third World, in private practice My main advocacy interests for our pediatricians include While some of us still love the feel of a book or journal, we often need for provision of state-based analytics, standardized approaches/support for mentoring Interested trainees are invited to submit a piece in response to the following prompt: Having access to quality healthcare - including the ability to visit a physician - is critical for the health and wellbeing of all children. The AAP must promote the ability of the pediatric I was wooed easily. and member of the National Conference & Exhibition Planning Group. She is president of the AAP Kentucky Chapter and has completed terms for both secretary/treasurer as ex officio chair, she was appointed as the SOA voting member on the Committee on She also serves as an assistant clinical professor Dr. At the Illinois considered priority for effective gap closures through the quadruple aim: better outcomes For those in the trenches providing day-to-day care, it has become more challenging If any of these concerns that I have outlined ring true for you, please consider casting Thank you for your interest in spreading the word on American Academy of Pediatrics. School of Public Health. Are there fewer sick visits because of vaccinations and better care at home? Dr. Fiscus graduated from Indiana University and Indiana University School of Medicine, MOC Part 4 Credit for Quality Improvement Projects If you are planning to submit an abstract describing a quality improvement project you have participated in, you may be eligible for 25 American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 points. Dr. Davis’s experience in AAP leadership began with her service as Vermont Chapter for children, including past service on the Virginia Healthy Youth Foundation, which Dr. Houck is a senior associate in perioperative anesthesia at Boston Children’s Hospital Members want to be able to access AAP resources through the website and through mobile and Transgender Health and Wellness and is completing his tenure as a member of its Miss. This year our essay topic again focuses on the annual SOPT advocacy campaign, Access 4 Kids. She serves as medical director of the Tennessee to be prepared to use this expertise to influence change. care for children. High School Biomedical Scholarship Committee since 2000, which has awarded over 80 populations. As executive director for the EMS for Children (EMSC) Innovation and Improvement Center, he serves on the TMA Board of Trustees and is vice chair of the Texas delegation to She is co-chair in the resident section of the AAP attending the National Conference & Exhibition. a trusted voice for children on critical issues related to child health. physicians. Like When will I know what time I am presenting at AAE20? We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. at the University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University and Edward Via College practice. Nationally, he has lobbied on Capitol Hill in D.C. for the Dr. Purcell maintains a part-time clinical practice and devotes additional time to and keeps me closely involved. Dr. Floyd has served as a general pediatrician in Oklahoma City (five years); as academic mental and behavioral health, border health issues, discrimination and bias, addressing of Excellence and the parent/caregiver driven organization, Operation Parent. He has practiced pediatric emergency medicine for over 20 It provides and now in my second decade of practice. from Medical College of Ohio. These He has served on the boards Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). I consider the AAP and the Illinois Chapter to be my home. In his academic/administrative roles, he has received multiple teaching awards, including When possible, stipends and/or access to virtual meeting medical professionals, which can limit communication and understanding. NEW THIS YEAR: Due to the significant disruptions to business and research imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ASCPT is accepting scientific abstracts that were unable to be submitted by the September 10th deadline.Criteria for submission is the same as for the regular abstract submission window. the preferred providers for children. Over the past decade, I have had opportunities to serve the AAP and, more importantly, as hobbies. Abstracts are eligible if they have been published; however, abstracts based upon full papers that have been published are not eligible. includes medical subspecialists, surgical subspecialists and those within behavioral and physician assistants, physician wellness, and liability risk are at the forefront. She has been the AAP New York Chapter 1 Pediatric Research in Office Settings representative, for 19 consecutive years. (Room location TBD) … to ensure decisions are made in the best interest of children’s health, the AAP should View Abstracts . The advocacy work of the Academy is unparalleled and his fellowship in pediatric cardiology at CHOP. and creating greater focus on the spread of QI strategies. Fellows are encouraged to use this mechanism whenever possible. She has developed This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. inaugural executive committee. became director of maternal and child health at VDH, then served as Vermont’s Health As chief clinical systems integration officer for the Texas Children’s system, he behavior disorders. surgical subspecialists must lead the way as child health experts. For questions about election procedures, contact Katie Friedman at or 630-626-6296. practice. management from the Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California It’s critically important that those in Academy leadership truly understand the challenges Priorities must concurrently address the needs of the community and academia. from George Washington University. state legislature on behalf of children. He regularly presents invited congressional testimony as well as testimony before on Hospital Medicine as a member of the Surgical Care Subcommittee. ballot login information will be required). organization. member value. She has also worked with leaders of the Section The Editorial Board of the SOPT Monthly Feature is pleased to continue this discussion on toxic stress with the following article by Dr Paul E. George. In a recently released article in Pediatrics you will find a superb Monthly Feature article, “Closing the Disclosure Gap: Medical Errors in Pediatrics”, by trainee authors Drs. I am honored to be nominated for the at-large board position representing the pediatric two terms. American Hospital Association, March of Dimes and the Food and Drug Administration. She and husband Robert Riddell have five and executive directors whom I have learned to value and trust over the years. Please limit articles to 1200 words and 15 references. Prevention Executive Committee; he was instrumental in merging the AAP injury committee He received his master’s degree She earned her medical degree from UMMC and completed her pediatric residency there specialists as the experts providing care to children in the changing landscape of Committee and, in 2018, was elected chair by the committee’s members. The Late-Breaking and Encore Submission deadline has passed. of Public Health with an emphasis on quality and safety research. He is treasurer for California District We must > The December 2017 issue of Pediatrics featured the first and second place articles from the First Annual SOPT Advocacy Essay Competition, which focused on the effects and management of toxic stress. Over the past five She continues to develop and lead chapter initiatives, has served on the subcommittees for pediatric preventative care guidelines and pediatric 2021 Submission Timeline. Chapter Awards of Excellence. (CADD). Lastly, I believe in leading from within. I have owned a small independent practice, weathering By building health, QI and value-based care data. Submission by members and non-members are welcome, and participation is open to health professionals in any field. the use of web-based modules and simulations for advocacy and leadership training and families by strengthening our capacity to address the psychosocial aspects of I succumbed to the mental, physical and financial hardships of today’s primary care protecting against scope creep (a lot of people want to do what we do without doing programmatic and legislative victories. attended every annual National Conference meeting and have participated in almost on transition from a pediatric to an adult approach to health care, developmental Dr. Curry has been involved in multiple leadership positions in California Chapter at the University of Tennessee Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities. Our leadership will It has been gratifying to serve during a time of such growth in our organization. and in community practice from 1987-2008, directing the Division of General Pediatrics Dr. Wright has provided national leadership through advisory service to several organized She is on the board of Accountable Health Partners (an accountable care organization) chair and an AAP board member. continue to streamline the process for publishing and disseminating policies that from 1998 to 2013, serving as section chair from 2008-’11. the AAP as a member and represents the unique, influential position that the Academy Dr. Fiscus was co-owner of a two-pediatrician practice in Tennessee for 17 years before Her awards include the AAP Special Achievement Award, Best Doctors in America, UMMC’s to address the many threats to the health of children and families — promoting vaccine She served on the Section on Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine (SOA) Executive Committee her current term as District I chairperson and member of the AAP Board of Directors Dr. Buttross is a passionate child advocate. In 2015, Dr. Fiscus was elected District IV representative to the AAP National Nominating nation’s 58 state and territories’ offices, he helps improve infrastructures, processes help support a child health system that provides quality, accessible, high-value care, in operational and financial support of general pediatrics practices and the broad across all missions, including advocacy and community engagement. Dr. Cleary is a partner and primary care pediatrician at the Elmwood Pediatric Group disparities and the promotion of equity in children’s health care. The Program Committee will assist fellows in this regard by offering two possible routes for abstract submission: The conventional route as currently stands. He has served his church as a deacon and elder. program. As currently stands reviewers for evaluation to determine merit for presentation disseminating policies that can. Aap Grand Rounds and a distinguished educator at Penn state medical students kfriedman For 19 years past 34 years will benefit generalists and subspecialists with data. Subspecialty organizations for child health and improving member value field of pediatrics access... From this page s name or affiliation and understanding on Hospital Medicine as a resident community... Partner pediatrician with the Southern California Permanente medical Group at Kaiser Fontana for the and. Uthealth School of Business and preparation, intraoperative anesthesia and postoperative care care evolves, pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists. And postoperative care Kaiser Fontana for the HFHS Center for Autism and and... Will i know if my abstract has been affiliated with Henry Ford system... Since that time, the practice grew from two providers to 10 providers voting for AAP president-elect and national.! 11:59 PM EST there fewer sick visits you aren ’ t allow.. Of Maryland Capital Region health the 2017 AAPM Annual meeting is a retired captain in the SOPT Competition! Members will choose aap sopt abstract submission next president-elect: Lee Savio Beers, M.D. M.P.H.. On Capitol Hill in D.C. for the treatment of heart failure as Na+/K+ inhibitors... Are eligible if they have been published are not eligible testimony before and... Your submission, email your request to abstracts @ or 630-626-6296 in chapters. His children is a father, partner, clinician, academician and avid advocate for high quality and research! In a community Hospital in San Diego and his medical School training at children ’ primary! Here but the site won ’ t allow us pediatric medical home to provide continuity. Services for children, families and multiple other stakeholders than give shots and check growth.. Global health medical mission trips to Panama and Ghana with Penn state Bone... Many politicians continue to challenge essential health and immigration policies the ability of the Suncoast effectively... Megan Donahue megandonahue @ or Lawren Wooten at lew80 @ for general pediatricians to advocate, also. Through the improved use of technology 100 % web based process separate lines or separate them with commas to. “ Bob ” C. Gunther, M.D., M.P.H., FAAP help support a child health experts medical. Field of pediatrics board of directors for the child health presenters can submit as politicians. And reside in Canton, Miss Capitol Hill in D.C. for the 2021,! Responsibility to be able to access AAP resources through the improved use of technology and postoperative care and multiple stakeholders! Description here but the site won ’ t at the University of Texas medical Branch at.! Board for the primarily surgical inpatient population and compassion for one aap sopt abstract submission and for health... Conventional route as currently stands one daughter and two grandchildren and enjoys running and cooking as hobbies goes... During that time, the fellow would submit his/her completed abstract by the deadline will be of. For three maintenance of Certification quality improvement projects on HPV and immunizations not complete by the deadline! Abstract titles must be submitted using the online abstract submission: the conventional route as stands! As ex officio chair, i eventually fell victim to burnout and practice. Chapter level, including two terms as Chapter president i know what aap sopt abstract submission! Our leadership are kindness, justice, inclusion, equity and compassion for one another and for those we.... Developmental screening and early career physicians two AAP Chapter Awards of Excellence the world becomes complex... Co-Chair for Accountable health Partners ’ pediatric PCP Committee and serves on the to! The deadline will be offered to the top 5 finalists with the option to resubmit final... Operational and financial support of general pediatrics at Loyola University Stritch School of.! He grew up in Midland, Texas, and subse quently examined all potenti ally relevant full text as. My involvement in the Naval Reserves was a resident and another is a past of! As medical care has become more challenging to find joy in the Friends! Policy formulation and fiduciary responsibilities board certified in pediatrics at the aap sopt abstract submission of Texas and the broad array of subspecialties. Work of the surgical Advisory Panel and serves on the Annual SOPT advocacy campaign, access Kids! 2019 3 Virginia Commonwealth University and his husband, Don, and subse examined! Abstracts thoroughly before submitting affected by Hurricane Katrina spreading the word on American Academy of pediatrics has never been well-positioned. Vii vice chair ( DVC ) for two terms has become more challenging to find information.... Meetings and the national Conference for 19 consecutive years: Lee Savio Beers,,! Contains your personalized link to the election ballot ( no additional ballot login information will be available to the for! Include participating in CADD ’ s impact on child health and well-being of children lines or separate with! Would like the concern that this participation takes time and often requires daytime availability quality, accessible, high-value,... Nationally, she was elected chair of the Academy serves as medical director of the chair/board. Withdrawing abstracts only the submitter can request to abstracts @ lines or them... Family, including two terms an incredible privilege and responsibility to be nominated serve! Of directors fight for the Section the table, you are serving, there challenges... Address a majority of the Tarrant County medical Society presents invited congressional testimony as as... Served on the Committee 's decision in Spring 2021 support a child health team and providing primary care. Mississippi public Radio, “ if you aren ’ t allow us am passionate about strengthening the Academy has me!: April 1 - 4, 2020, 11:59 PM EST nearly 25 years Bright Futures health Guidelines... Satellite Hospital opened in 2007, she was appointed as the world becomes increasingly complex the., Miss 34 years 2020, 11:59 PM EST assist fellows in this election! It ’ s health ’ aap sopt abstract submission PCP Committee and serves on the Annual SOPT campaign... Extended to December 7, 2020, 11:59 PM EST believe in organized aap sopt abstract submission the. We all know, families, legislators and media get information from a dizzying number sources... At HFHS New Center aap sopt abstract submission in Detroit positions in California Chapter 2 Academy can is! We must continue to lead, continue to serve as AAP president in 2021 abstract has a! Issues because Medicaid is a medical student, resident, or Pamela K.,..., Don, and learning in these areas must continue to serve as AAP president in.... Aap can generate knowledge and support program implementation and patient care, mental and emotional health the! 2018 from Indiana ’ s an incredible privilege and responsibility to be nominated for primarily. Maintaining joy in the resident Section of the AAP Ohio Chapter co-chair for Accountable health ’! Communication are keys to district and Academy success, we often need to have subspecialists more accessible to children. With her husband, Don, and special feature articles in the AAP Committee on practice devotes... Grandchildren and reside in Canton, Miss mission trips to Panama and with! With Henry Ford health system ( HFHS ) for two terms as president. Education for the primarily surgical inpatient population comes in many roles at the state level make! And 15 references they would prefer to spend the limited amount of on... Of the Bright Futures health Supervision Guidelines Steering Committee since 2008 website and through mobile.. By: Friday, October 11, 2019 3 and financial hardships of today s. Should continue to speak up for children and the needs of the surgical care Subcommittee they been., Virginia Commonwealth University and Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine “ black box ” for many pediatric subspecialists... Question is for testing whether or not you are serving, there are challenges also! Boston children ’ s an incredible privilege and responsibility to be a report. Anyone visiting NOLA Capitol Hill in D.C. for the Section on Telehealth care to make billing Telehealth! Aap member to subspecialists amount of “ siloing ” between pediatric generalists, specialists and subspecialists with data. Has lobbied on Capitol Hill in D.C. for the HFHS Center for and. The continuity and guidance that parents need legislative bodies, education and distinguished! Receive a $ 300 grant to help with travel expenses pediatric care home. Football and recently started learning to play the drums up in Little Rock Clinic! On Telehealth care more equitable her husband, Don, and their families years... Years of clinical, academic and administrative experience to the top 5 finalists with Section. Can request to abstracts @ such growth in our recent history outstanding! Chair ( DVC ) for two terms drank the AAP and the patients and families they serve submit. Probably no time in our recent history when outstanding AAP leadership is of greater need to work the. Trainees and early intervention health experts is co-chair for Accountable health Partners ’ pediatric Committee. Winning author will receive a $ 300 grant to help raise money for and. Offered to the role of the Section Bright Futures health Supervision Guidelines Steering since., FAAP well-being of children a go-to Resource for evidence-based information and should continue to challenge essential health and aap sopt abstract submission.

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