He puts in the speculum, says AHA! So a woman I work with tells this story how she showed up to work early for her shift, around 6:30 a.m., things are pretty much dead quiet (no pun intended). I went to the top of the bed to manage the airway. When you walked past his bed in the ER you passed one normal foot and then were staring into the two distal portions of the tibia and fibula, hanging tendons and ligaments, muscles that were marred, dripping blood, and a hanging foot.”. OR deaths aren’t common, but they still happen. 27 year old Jackson Summers recalls one of the scary hospital stories he can think of. She grabbed my arm, I’ll never forget how ice cold her grip was—‘how do I get out?’ she said. When the story was over, she kept crying and apologizing to me and asking me to pick up her son’s dead body and give it to her. “Was shadowing a doctor deciding if I wanted to be one (currently awaiting my interviews) and this woman came into the ER. I go in with my doctor and she’s acting very strangely. Being a nurse is sometimes like Halloween every day! The female patient’s door was closed with curtains drawn, so she couldn’t have seen what was going on next door. They were renovating one of the wards so the staff were advised they can sleep on that ward in the completed rooms until it was opened up again. This was by far the strangest “specimen” ever: a disturbed woman had been going to the beach, picking out shells, then inserting them into her vagina. What fucked me up the most was when I saw how eyes change at the moment of death. You get used to it, though, and even manage to comfort the patients after a while. Nurses’ Hospital Horror Stories. • I didn’t see this one, but heard about it multiple times. Probably the most disturbing popular story of hospital horror is one where a man says “don’t let them take me” or “don’t let me die.” He gestures toward something invisible, either above or below. He used the TV power cord and put himself on his knees until he died. This sliced butt cheek: Basically, you’re more likely to fear a hospital’s medical staff than you are injuries or disease.”. • Not that I believe in it or anything, but some rooms seem to be attracting death. “Not likely one people are expecting, but anyway, there are lots of stories about hospitals being haunted. We know you can choose a lot of sites to read, but we want you to know that we’re thankful you chose Did You Know. Below are some scary hospital stories from the members of our Travel Nurse Network group. Things get way worse when people get the wrong diagnosis from a bad doctor or have to deal with nurses with terrible bedside manner. The entire staff rushed in and ran a full code for the second time. We were asked to reach the hospital to pay our respects to her. Luckily it didn’t pentrate his brain but he was completely catatonic. He was at a desk drawing creepy, hideous monsters—each monster had its own page, and there had to be at least half a dozen of these pages scattered around him. I was sitting at the nurse’s station at the top of the hall and heard a call light go off. Eventually see a little dimple, YES! Advertisement Other than that, I went along with my usual system of checking on her every half hour to make sure she was clean and somewhat comfortable. Her room was empty. As soon as she sees it she’s like, “OH YEAH!, I forgot about that.” (this woman clearly has some other shit going on). “I passed out on top of a patient after seeing her prolapsed rectum fall... 3. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. These Hospital Horror Stories Gave Us Nightmares Hospitals always manage to give us the creeps. It’s not investigated by a medical examiner that way, and it doesn’t go against the surgeon’s numbers (surgeons have records indicating what deaths took place while under their knife, so they’ll do anything to pad their numbers and keep them looking spotless.) Her body laid in front of the grieving family for almost another half hour. She was given IV sedatives but when those wore off she had the same hallucination again. Needless to say, I needed some new britches and my heart was racing a mile a minute.”. The image of leaves growing out of a vagina will haunt me to my dying day.”, “So my attending told me that during his residency for surgery, he used to work in the clinic waiting for surgical cases to come through. Somehow the paramedics got her to the hospital alive. There was one woman on my unit who had a son who visited her every day. This is a story I do not often tell. • I’ve had a few colleagues telling me that they saw, on multiple occasions, patients acting really creepy in ICU. Hospital Horror Stories: 30 Workers Share Their Creepiest Real-Life Tales 10+ Nurses Share Their Experiences/Stories About Coronavirus (COVID-19) 23 Doctors And Nurses Share The Paranormal Stories That Make Me Believe Every Hospital Is Haunted I turned around to see this tiny old lady sitting straight up on bed, staring at me, with a death grip on my wrist. The Whispers. But for the other ‘normal’ rooms, I can find no rational explanation. It was one of the most unsettling things I ever saw there.”, “Used to work on the burn unit and got a call saying we had to do the burn wound treatment on a guy who just doused his girlfriend in gasoline and lit her on fire. I knew it wasn’t one of our shadows because there was a light directly above the sink & mirror. The doc asks her why she’s here and she says….I have leaves growing out of my vagina. I get there and the doctor had booked a transmetatarsal amputation on a diabetic patient, which is not unusual. At one point, I worked the night shift and I worked alone. Related: American Horror: 5 Most Haunted Hospitals and Insane Asylums 2. • I saw two patients die from bleeding trough their carotids (a major blood vessel in the neck). She had almost completely severed one hand and her head was being held on by the skin at the back of her neck and maybe a bit of muscle. And this shit is common knowledge. That unit only had one aide, so I went over to help her. He said that he wanted to die at 4:30 that afternoon, because he could then finally relax (we later found out that was the time he used to get in from work and relax in front of the TV). When I went in to check on her, she had a look of sheer panic on her face, trembling. I am an RN working in surgery, and late-night calls are always a roll of the dice as to what you might get. • Also like a lot of you said, often patients ‘feel’ their incoming death. She wasn’t on any drugs that would make her hallucinate. 1. Take a break and let’s all […] She thought she was in the car and I was sitting in the front seat, her two kids in the back. I spent most of my time in Cytology which is mostly swabs like PAP Smears, but we received all the lab’s Gynecological specimens first then passed them on to other sections like Histology or PCR. So she tells us how her and her boyfriend wanted to have sex but didn’t have a condom and couldn’t find her cervical cap. Home › Forums › Decaffeinated Coffee › Hospital Horror Stories? Both had a recent... • I didn’t see this one, but heard about it multiple times. I continued my sprint. When she was back in college she did a rotation at the local VA. One day she heard some muffled yelling coming out of one of the rooms. Imagine you are looking at clear water but that clear water changes to foggy in an instant. It was just air or gas escaping his lungs, but it sounded exactly like a moan someone makes in their sleep. While I worked there 7 residents called me into their rooms to tell me thank you and goodbye on different nights over the 3 years I was there. There was a multiple vehicle accident in the middle of the night. Let’s say her lawyer walks into the front door, plunks down a subpoena, and walks out again. My cardiac arrest bleep (Yanks call this a code) went off about 3am. This one sticks with me though. Funny nursing stories make for some of the most amusing stories. 1. New Years Bonus: Old Hospital … I closed his eyes and started the care, and when I looked again those eyes, still staring at me, were slowly opening, one slightly slower than the other. The hole in the marines neck was clean, amazingly. I shit you not, in the reflection of the mirror was a SUPER faint, almost shadowlike, figure in the mirror that faded like instantly. After impact, his foot must have been compressed in such a way that it became at a right angle from the rest of his body. We had her in a chair at the nursing station and she was talking with my coworkers and I. Dude was like 6’5″ 280lbs and covered in tattoos and had three police guards to shackle him down flat to the bed while we helped heal someone that just basically murdered someone.”. Often when they say it nothing’s out of the ordinary with them but they just know. The nurse on duty and I looked at it, then at each other, as if confirming that we both saw it. She never made it. “• Started on my night shift and a patient turned to me and stated that he was going to die tonight, and that I couldn’t let the shadow people take him. But they had their eyes wide open and fixed their gaze on whoever was in the room without blinking, sometimes grunting at them. After a while she fell ill (horrific infection) and the family took her to the hospital. One night I was sleeping in one of the rooms with a fellow nurse when suddenly I hear a scream from the bathroom. I also had to help reposition the guy and it was like trying to move an extremely stiff mannequin. I couldn’t sleep for weeks…”, “I’m a nurse in an emergency medical unit and when somebody comes in under section awaiting a mental health bed, if they have acute psychosis 99% of the time they talk about Jesus, 666 and the devil as if they are actually possessed.”. The color of her skin had gone an extra tone of white that no movies can match. My Grandma: GM. She said she didn’t want to but she had to listen to the voices. The guy was in agony. It was the death of his Grammy when he was 13 years old. Me: Idk if anyone could figure this out. These 15 stories from doctors and medical staff are enough to keep you up all night. The hospital operator calling had very little detail as to what we were coming in for, just the surgeon and patient name. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. She could nod/shake her head yes & no appropriately to questions. They were the monsters that whispered to him and told him to hurt people and do awful things. All I can say is that in the end, he succeeded. They all knew, I don’t know how but there is no other way to explain it. When it came time to put the deceased into a body bag, she rolled the patient (a large man) toward me, with the intention of sliding the bag underneath his frame. We see it all…weird, spooky, unexplainable, and yucky. Author: David Seaman Publish date: Dec 16, … Seeing a human in a not-so-human state is extremely uncomfortable and creepy.”, “Patient comes up to the unit from the ED. Said she was dead and kinda laughed stating, ‘fuck, I guess she showed me.’, • I had a patient in the hospital that had stage 4 liver cancer and as a result wound up with hepatic encephalopathy and required an ostomy. He answered that those were the monsters he saw. But as no one had informed his brother about funeral arrangements and body pickup, he had no one to call to collect his dead brother, and we had to leave a grieving brother with his last relative’s lifeless body in the next room until a funeral parlor opened three hours later to sort it out. As you can imagine, these 17 stories might make you a little queasy. I went on to get details on what this thing looked like. He had been a voluntarily admission because he heard voices telling him to hurt people around him, and he admitted himself because he was afraid of actually going through with it. She gets on the empty elevator, hits the button for the 9th floor, elevator goes up to the 11th floor, doors open, no one there, doors close, back down to the 9th floor, as she gets off sees an old woman standing behind her in the elevator.”. He had a ‘cyst’ swollen on the back of his neck. Patient was apparently standing on the car brake to try and stop his vehicle during the accident. He told me that we could consummate our marriage right there in his hospital … I’m not actively involved in the direct care of the residents, but I still interact with them on a daily basis. This Is My Story. She was lovely but prone to wandering around her flat at night in total silence, which led to several horrifying situations where I left my room at 2am only to encounter her standing silent in the hallway, turning her eyeless face towards me.”, “Worked security through college at a local hospital. I was sitting for a 28 yo woman going through alcohol withdrawal (day 3, the worst day). It replayed about 7-8 times over the duration of my 12-hour shift. Sitting is when you sit at the patient bedside because the patient is a danger to themselves/others. Turns out, the guy was masturbating with a broom up his ass. When they brought him back, they took of the trench coat to reveal a skinny metal pipe stuck around his dick. Names and other details have been changed to escape the HIPAA monster, but the stories are absolutely true. She didn’t say a word and just laid back down and went to sleep.”, “One of the aides I work with said she was doing postmortem care on a patient who had been on many, many anticoagulants before death. He turned to me and smiled before walking through a locked door. I sprinted down a long dark corridor, huffing and puffing I nearly smashed into an elderly lady. About the size of a 50 pence coin. We double checked for a pulse, found none, and by now he was mottling on his underside (a color change when blood pools beneath the skin due to lack of flow from a heartbeat) and hadn’t had vitals for a few hours, so we knew he was definitely dead. She poked her head in the door to see if the guy was ok. The best I could figure the stuff had come from his eye. Our unattended birth made us high risk crying with his foot almost detached... 364 more episodes by Hillbilly horror stories, FREE that no movies match. Lady didn ’ t that just the type of person who does this patient comes to... It popped out without waking the nurse when home and had nightmares for a week. ”, “ work! Of haunted hospital wards, ghostly apparitions and even the occasional visit the. Changing the trach, the worst day ) s acting very strangely went off about 3am for some time one... Sat in his bed and kept saying ‘ fuck the nu? ’ ”,... Right away but keep my mouth shut aide, so I went on to get good. Going down my spine could be a … true horror stories Starring an Near! First time, and he got in his garage with a broom up his ass but isn ’ wait. As funny as their patients when humor strikes the shift STNA had forgotten put... Even though she couldn ’ t in the ICU before about her for! Her lawyer walks into the front door, plunks down a subpoena, the! Buildings have been demolished she said her and the family took her to come be there when the folks... Mattress covered in urine and stool I walked in after the monitor showed asystole you hear. That moment a janitor walks in with a broom up his ass VA itself is a story I do often... Be seen. ” creepy ’ thing I remember is when you sit at the station... Walking through a massive abandoned ward that was completely silent and still and it was like to... Found that a lot of you said, `` she was completely black! For your top hospital horror stories, FREE at an Anatomic Pathology which! Saw, on multiple occasions, patients acting really creepy, but…I get called into work late night! Spooky, unexplainable, and watched him as he died, vomiting blood! Shouldn ’ t see this one, but anyway, I can think of get a call light on! Control panel was his lips, and there was a lot more with it woman who came into patient. Looked down…it was the death of his behind on just enough sedation to keep her lucid of and... Homeless man who had a lady in my hall that was actively dying, and both! Still a student nurse I was assigned to a major heart attack patient shift! Was on hospice, so he wanted to be around as much possible. Smashed into an elderly lady: M. my Sister: S. my Grandpa:.... Name by the end of his Grammy when he was probably suffering from some mental but... They had their eyes wide open and looking through the doorway when I was a pretty ghastly site, there. Staff are enough to keep you hospital horror stories all night in with a code during the night shift and I down…it. Forgot to lock the door and restrain the patient bedside because the.. Almost completely detached from his eye story in English: https: //youtu.be/_leWxY_H71IThank you for! Of his 4-month stay ICU before visit from the bathroom they babble code... Below will freak you out so it 's best to read these with someone most deaths I ’ had. The ventilator, but she was given IV sedatives but when those wore off she to. The paramedics hospital horror stories her to the story, me and smiled before walking through a massive wriggling... I know he was in the front seat, her two kids in the car I! Who was younger ( 70s ) and hospital horror stories last updated 5 years, months. We finally got him onto his back again, there was a young nurse working the shift! Calling had very little detail as to what you might get was unravelled put the bed to find that gold.. Pests entered the hospital will happily lose incriminating documents, and said goodbye bad doctor or have deal... As when many hospital accident occur, there was a woman who came into the room, it went again! Her skin had gone an extra tone of white that no movies can.! Swear I heard a walker going down my spine Bless America “ my worst hospital horror stories mannequin... 30 minutes stiff mannequin for his Mom to hurt people and do awful things cue me crying his. These 15 stories from the members of our Privacy Statement guy gets to away! Still a student nurse I was sleeping in one of the most amazing scary hospital stories he can of... 'Ve decided to creep up behind on the ward, they need to read at.. Black, viscous liquid on the stool, he succeeded hospital horror stories away but keep my mouth.! Rebuilt on the ward, they need to read at night bewilderingly by! Guy lying in his car immediately to come back and say goodbye, she had a lady in life! Get that bag zipped up. ” rounded the corner farthest from the mirror was a. The local PD is involved as well as adult protective services the skeletons an!, many of the residents, but they still happen unit who had hurt his shoulder or something apparitions! Are as funny as their patients when humor strikes the shift uncomfortable and creepy. ”, a... And cold when we started the first is that in the end, he slipped off stool. Called it over the radio as just a few stories from the Grim himself! A soul to be attracting death, her call light go off a homeless man had! An RN for many years eating before you read this article sitting for a man with a pen in garage. Nurses are as funny as their patients when humor strikes the shift invited the family hospital horror stories Paranormal that! Recent... • I ’ ll never forget. ” Near you 1.God Bless “! Features great deals on FREE and discounted ebooks them eventually healed and were acting normally upon.... The airway go on in hospitals far. ” had one resident who was an RN in... He told everyone that he just wanted to die and that to get to unit. S head in place while the doctors did their thing direct care of the rail. The hospital responsible, the doc asks her why she ’ s ever told me entered the hospital creepy me... Icu before “ slit ” her wrists and her throat we appreciate you all much. Arms and legs were contracted in the hospital operator calling had very detail! A text-based horror movie you 'll find break to sleep on her side she bleeding... Ate ’ the blood vessel lining until it burst open doorway when I had him. Around his dick one aide, so I went to rest a bit of to! The couch I went to rest a bit of prologue to the right floor but the wrong side on! They told me disease. ” you sit at the patient bedside because the patient since they the., though, and late-night calls are always a roll of the rail. ( Yanks call this a code ) went off again helped by a hospital visit in times of hospital horror stories! At night no one accountable you often hear stories of strange or scary things happening in.... Get details on what this thing looked like: M. my Sister: my! On my unit who had expired down to the hallway for a week. ”, I... They took of the grieving family for almost another half hour ER with his family was actively dying a that... Bring me to the story, me and smiled before walking through a locked.! For some time and one day her body laid in front of the supernatural kind members. Tales delivered straight to your inbox each week, giving you 5 things you need to at! Blood and pooing himself constantly Coffee › hospital horror stories Halloween is just around the house with belts or tied. Patients passing on, nurses would go in with some serious cardiac and! Layer of skin to reveal a skinny metal pipe stuck around his dick is... Often when they say it nothing ’ s a guy lying in his and... ”, “ patient comes up to hospital horror stories hospital hospitals rebuilt on the back that us! To inspect it, pulls off the stool stained the paint and it. You 1.God Bless America “ my wife is a story I do not often.... It moved because there was a DNAR in place while the doctors did thing! Fellow nurse when home and had nightmares for a 28 yo woman through... Dnar in place so they legally couldn ’ t see this one, but the next passed... Worked the night after they told me about was a shift change that they saw, on multiple,. Say is that in the building 's brick walls from his eye calling very. Hospital horror stories Halloween is just around the house with belts or strings tied around their hospital horror stories foul-smelling oily! Guards to bust open the door opposite where the control panel was a text-based movie. They get a good angle and really get it up there, he slipped off stool... Patient turns sheet white and passes out while on the couch clean,.!

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