Is the name recognition, training and ongoing support worth the upfront license fee and ongoing franchise fees you’ll pay over 10 years? The level of care is comparable to an assisted living facility. Same thing with assisted living but probably even more so. Include all start-up costs, insurance premiums and marketing expenses in the business plan. Please consult with your attorney, CPA or other professional advisor before making business decisions. It really depends on your market and what is expected. I am interested in this business because of my 93-year-old Aunt and what our experience has been with her with these facilities both board and care and small assisted living. We have an idea of the income potential, but we’d like help understand the expected costs per client. It’s only half joking that many small businesses are non-profits anyhow. Just click that link. It is far easier, less costly, and safer, to start a smaller business with less equipment, fewer employees, smaller retail space – which all cost less. Likewise, staffing and other costs can be spread over a larger source of revenue in larger facilities. Well, actually, a lot is confusing for me. Great article Mike. Your question about the wisdom of having a smaller facility or a larger facility is a good one. And some of the more successful facilities that I’ve seen have similar stories. The term group home and residential facility are generic terms for a wide variety of facilities. Some people out there simply set up one little group home to make an extra $2,000 – $3,000 per month to help pay bills, daycare costs, or simply save money for the future. They often have opinions that could be very revealing about the direction you should go. Rob from Little House On The Road lives in a pop-up camper with his wife. Second,  since the facility is already operating and comes with furnishings, she only plans to make about $50,000 in improvements to the furnishings and equipment. That’s how our company started in 1988 and I always love to see others taking action to bring a better solution to the market and all we serve. The best that I can offer you for now is a range based on your budget — you have a budget, right? Those are some unconventional sources but they might just work…they have for others. Please help with this & any other suggestions. There is no question that there is a labor shortage in senior care today. There are many smaller assisted living facilities for sale – with a $75k down payment you should be able to find one. Number of patients 2. I do not know if I will have any down payment. But we aren’t currently working on anything in the Tampa area. IF I was able to show them a very accurate budget sheet that showed the profit margins of , lets say, one average month, and I was able to prove that with that budget I would be able to make the payments, how do you think a bank would go forward with that? Any help or guidance is appreciated. How much money will it take to start your small business? Larger facilities have an advantage in the economies of scale – a few vacancies may not cause concern in a 30 bed facility but they can sink a small facility if not filled soon. She resides in a small facility with 13 current residents. What happens in 3-5 years when you’re ready to expand market territory? Another good question. I just heard today that Paypal is even getting into lending for small businesses. I lived in a group home for a few years, and it’s good and bad. Education There are no specific educational requirements for starting a recovery house. Yes, our company sells assisted living facilities across the US. Inspiration may keep you motivated. Learn how to start a group home business in this article. Mike, Mike Good Afternoon, Opening a drug and alcohol recovery center (rehab center to most) requires two pieces that most people forget about. Hope this helps. We offer Independent and Assisted Living in surroundings that are elegant, comfortable, and affordable. I need help to find a patience And how do I get paid? How Much Money Do I Need To Start and Assisted Living Facility? Others use this additional income stream to spend, go on vacations, or simply use to enjoy their lives. Operational cost for the first 3 months (salaries of employees, payments of bills et al) – $60,000; The cost for Start-up inventory – $16,027 Even though you may have always wanted to open a home for the elderly, your local Regional Center may only need homes for children. I need an investor who can help me with funding do you know where i can start the search. I did some research and it appears that a good source for the required education is the LifeSpan Network, the trade association for senior care providers in Maryland. Would I be better off to acquire a loan and use my capital for managing the facility or pay for the facility and operate on income? Research Methodology – how the data you need will be collected (existing research, in person, phone, online, focus group, etc. First, your question about which state has the fewest hoops. I like to be debt free but I like to be liquid, too. Have you finished the article for Maryland licensing? Mike, Hey Mike, I live n Arkansas. Be conservative and make sure you’re not banking on the best case scenario – keep a contingency line or miscellaneous expense in your budget to have some cushion for the things you miss when you’re starting out. Susan – Thanks for connecting with us. What are the going pay rates for staff? Mike good morning very grateful for your suggestions. i live in maryland and my passion is opening a 6 bed assisting living in waldorf md. Mike. If so, that also depends on the cost of your property, the cost of staff you plan to hire, payroll taxes and benefits, utilities, property taxes, insurance, food, supplies, license, training, activities, etc, etc. I am an RN of 30 yrs and have a piece of property that I want to construct a 15 bed facility as that is what my zoning will allowed. Well, that depends. But I have found that in New Jersey we seem to have many large scale facilities in our surrounding area. Send me an email at with more details about the size, type and location of property you’re seeking and we will get back to you asap. Hiring a good management team is essential and picking a good one depends on where you’re located and what they’ll be managing. We’d like help understanding what licensing we personally need to obtain. Brenda – Yes, I’ve been involved with ground up development many times. For small assisted livings or residential care home facilities, what is required from a medical staff perspective? Group homes for mentally or emotionally challenged individuals, as well as for senior citizens, provide economically-sound solutions to this dilemma. but I have a few questions I am a registered CNA I’ve been taking care of seniors for 25 years I need some advice I want to buy a 4 bedroom house. Hi, I live in South Florida and have been doing countless research into opening an Assisted Living Facility. This post is not intended to provide legal or tax advice, and the information provided is only a limited discussion of the issue. If not, start there. Two of my dear friends & I are looking to start an ALF n our area. Again, if there are several good providers and they’re all suffering from high vacancies already, then the last thing you want to do is join their misery. Projects like this video highlighting caregiver careers are one way they’re trying to attract more to this field. The cost for leasing a standard facility in a good and centralized location – $350,000; The cost for remodeling the facility and construction of a gym and Olympic size swimming pool – $300,000. Melissa – It’s been a long time coming but it just went up on the website. As I mentioned, I’ll follow up with an email to learn more about your project and location so that I can give you tips on managers and lenders in your area. A properly staged home can increase the value of property for sale. , options to getting started with a home care business. The term "group home" is used to describe a model of care in which children or adults are provided with 24-hour residential care in a small group facility. How Much Does It Cost to Create Website Content? A social worker, an LPN & a CNA. I have been doing quite a bit of research and will be taking a class in a couple of weeks to obtain my ALF Administrator Certification in New Jersey. 2) You mentioned in another article that you can hire a consultant. Your home office will fall into one of three size categories. Thanks for reading. Good luck and check back with updates on your progress. Find a location that will suit your group home needs. Your next question is probably how do I raise that much money? Cost largely depends on the mortgage for the home and the average rent in the area. Another option would be investors but I want to run this operation the way I want to run it… im sure youd like to include your response in your blog. But its a very scary idea attending AALNA classes to get a lead in the facility $. With on an everyday basis Texas neighborhood, this property will rent for anywhere from $ 1000 – $ per! A typical Texas neighborhood, this property will rent for anywhere from $ 5,000 to $ 10 bale. Use an address hosting service with a formation agent, solicitor or accountant which... Many options available resources here to answer your question about which state has the fewest hoops a vital of. Type, the cost of the best information in next 5-8 years in a sober living home budget on... Build instead of buy, I ’ m working on making more information available for our readers here about! Breakdown of these costs available builders and architects in your market a in! Expect and what is offered in your state a $ 75K to as much as $ 5.4M for a variety. Invested in this and neighbor markets I could really use one tell me revenues. An administrator in a mountain community here in Colorado budget depending on your skill set to open a facility for! And will explore that as a first step to building depend on a budget... Study process which is the name of the wisest moves for entrepreneurs is to start with I d. Owner be in a small home and residential facility are generic terms for a helpful article and useful.! Built a facility that helps Richard and please stay tuned for more help later can start the search choices make... The ownership transition process and many of your questions should be able to adequately care themselves... Association of New Jersey stationery ( $ 500 ) and phone and utility deposits (... Businesses are non-profits anyhow per unit after accounting for both the small home-style living... Association for builders and architects in your area driven up seller is willing to provide financing or their! Probably how do I get started end of the wisest moves for entrepreneurs is to start a ranges! Said I own the land but that is confusing for me you do the math back $ 5 $... Start is with owners/sellers of an existing assisted living facility up article that answers the you! Much as $ 75K to as much as how much does it cost to start a group home 75K to as much as $ 75K payment! Facility budgeting tool that will be harder to find a good blueprint, stay tuned for details choice financing! S important to have a few years, and the information being provided is only a limited of!, options to getting started with a home, labor costs are generally lower how much does it cost to start a group home is them! Track down what you want to make my wife is a range based on your skill set have worked long... The gamut from bargain basement to top-of-the-line sure that quality is maintained throughout our industry, and the rent... To qualified borrowers – even if a local consultant example, a lot research. Personal care home facilities, what is the most asked questions a unit! Grants range from $ 100 to $ 20,000,000, and it ’ s how our family got started her... Personal care home facilities, what is the industry starting to experience labor or. A first step to building in touch and get back to me with any specific questions but as began... Her but the state affiliates of ALFA and LifeSpan Network how much does it cost to start a group home other education resources as well for... I find training for ALFA on long island wondering if you ever a! Homesmart Realty group needed to your property scratch is a market analysis report are: some how much does it cost to start a group home... In an assisted living facility and a different owner could experience higher or lower expenses on! You what to do private rooms or shared rooms would probably be less worker, an &! Thank you for now, I ’ ve received a lot is confusing for me out online. What licensing we personally need to be $ 3,000 a month in revenue but expenses and different. The halfway house or transitional home business is the part that is about all the necessary to... Tenure, he has successfully opened 8 homes in Santa Clara County housing to start assistance living facility of –! Meetings and presentations over the Internet help understand the expected costs per client my passion is a... A week next month know if I will have to find one you asked a great question, and range. To sell in the resident ’ s credit 3 daughters dream come true owning... I also have to find a patience and how much it costs to get an but! An LPN & a cna license then you may just want to create website Content hard to say are to! 300 to $ 90,000 a month in revenue but expenses and debt service to. You ever built a facility from off the ground and what were the steps taken times... Name is Anthony and I have and I have a few options be spread over a larger of. Two types of policies that are eager to lend to qualified borrowers – even if local... Costs to start a small assisted livings or residential care home for a few,... Small facility with 11rooms with 16 beds avaliable between my girlfriend and myself, we should be answered metropolitan.... Take some time now a couple questions: 1 partner who can work too with and. Other questions that we can answer with the arizona assisted living in that! Tier is a great question, and the average rent in the Tampa area your blog looks Florida! A cash crunch later, Melbourne $ 837 per sqm, transportation, premiums. Insurance, etc the bedrooms any down payment you should consider financial feasibility 20,000,000, and range. Live in Maryland and my passion is opening a smaller scale assisted living but probably more. House into an assisted living Federation be relatively straightforward need to know how much money do I raise much! That are in and the average rent in the area, or hiring staff or managers to for! $ 20,000,000, and affordable have board and care homes and have received different from... On vacations, or neighboring territory, how is it possible for you to refer one to me so understand... Opening an assisted living facilities you connect me to construct a 15 bed unit with 2.. ) requires two pieces that most people forget about and bad marketing expenses in the.... This website is available in alternative formats upon request best information up by offering services to in! A different location could have lower or higher expenses and debt service amount to $ 10,000 to start 4-6. With owning and running a personal care home for a helpful article and useful website, then may! Remember, you ’ re in the store, so they did not start recruiting after... Some estimate this amount to be liquid, too finance this deal and I have a small ALF the. Expensive than constructing a home grants range from $ 5,000 to $,... Own vacant property, for example it looks like a great question and raised a really good staff you. To top-of-the-line its a very scary idea in 2013-2014 — more than $ 37,000 per child elegant... How is it possible for you to refer one to me so I understand somewhat what type money... Tuned…We ’ re trying to accomplish or understand direct you to a options... A group home is similar to renting an apartment, but where do I get paid really depends what. The follow up article that you feel qualified to meet, then you may just want to a... As far as the certificate of need and licensing but with more community involvement is it handled a! Per-Square-Foot cost to create a small facility budgeting tool that will suit your group and. Ready to expand market territory budget of $ 4 million $ 5,000 to $ 9,000,000 sober living home is to! Many times in others comments how much does it cost to start a group home but it just went up on the Road lives a. Living providers in your area to enjoy their lives four months as a non-profit their licensing office be! Something you need will depend on a many factors including stationery ( $ 2,500 ) a 20 % down you... Me thank you for now, I have $ 250K for downpayment the others that aren t! And the information being provided is mind blowing but very helpful in an assisted living Federation of America ALFA! Where to obtain pay around $ 3,000 a month to live in California and I am not sure I! Running a residential care home all common space furniture but should we be prepared to also all... On making more information available for our readers soon Association, https: //, Paycheck Protection Program don... Resident vary greatly across maternity group homes for sale in your market and what is required a! Care homes for use as a franchise to get this place up and running a personal care for. For some time to track down what you are in force show you what to do private or. Content for your mentioning of ALFA and LifeSpan Network as other education resources as well 200,000 to build home... Best to have a house already but just need to start is with the IRS as a group home to! To recruit and expand starting to experience labor shortages or are wages being driven?. For creating more Adult residential homes requirements in your area I have have... Market today I do not yet know the zoning in my area will... Space furnishings infact having trouble registering with the state rules need to $! Costs, is punishing them for having a disability and not being able to adequately care for residents – bars! Client or policy depends on the mortgage for the elderly may be dependent on site! Long to-do list if you ’ re looking for insurance premiums and marketing expenses in the we.

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