}); However, you can also thank the physicians in your life without spending money by thanking them personally and encouraging those around you to do so as well. National Doctor’s Day 2020 is celebrated on July 1 every year. Your doctor (and your health) will be sure to thank you! if(window.fbl_started) Since then India has grown by leaps and bounds in the medical field, not just to further Dr. B.C. I encourage all Americans to observe this day with appropriate programs and activities. National Day Calendar is the original and authoritative source of National Days. Today is National Doctors Day! Nearly half (47%) of graduating medical students in 2018 were female. Elizabeth Blackwell graduated from the Geneva Medical College with a medical degree in 1849. status : false, It was started by the wife of a physician, Mrs. Eudora Brown Almond, who believed that there should be a day to honor doctors. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Most of those flowers were red carnations, which is why these flowers are now the symbolic flowers for National Doctor’s Day. Read on to learn about this holiday, and keep scrolling for an infographic containing more than 40 interesting statistics about medical doctors. From lighthearted days like Red Nose Day on March 15 to extremely serious days like RAINN on April 15, we’re passionate about commemorating the significance of each and every cause holiday. While doctors love to diagnose and help alleviate your problems, they also want you to stay healthy too. Another way that you can celebrate this holiday is by taking the opportunity to schedule that check-up that you might have been putting off. They offer valuable advice to not only help us physically but mentally too. You can read more about it. It was established as a national day by the United States Senate and House of Representatives in 1990, and is held every year on March 30. Let’s celebrate Happy Doctors Day on 30 March in the USA And 1st July in India and express our gratitude toward all doctors who treat and save our lives. In honor of America’s physicians, the Congress, by Senate Joint Resolution 366 (Public Law 101-473), has designated March 30, 1991, as “National Doctors Day” and has authorized and requested the President to issue a proclamation in observance of this day. March 30th marks the annual observation of National Doctors Day. In India, this day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of dynamic and famous Doctor … National Doctors’ Day wants to celebrate our medical professionals and all they do for us – because, lets face it we probably take them for granted. } ); Today is National Doctors Day, and we can't describe or put into words how much our Doctors and health-care professionals mean to us. All rights reserved. Click play to listen above or view the clickable list and discover what is on the calendar today . autoLogAppEvents : true, Today on National Doctors Day, I am sharing my Gratitune “Southern Comfort Zone” with the staff at Vanderbilt Health to show my gratitude and support for the hard work they are doing to keep our community safe. As we celebrate National Physicians' Day, the CMA is recognizing all physicians’ commitment to improving the health of Canadians and strengthening the medical profession. I n 1990, the Federal government declared March 30 to be “National Doctors’ Day,” enshrining into law a day that had already been unofficially … It is a day to celebrate the contribution of physicians who serve our country by caring for its' citizens. National Doctor's Day Batch. There is no specific location where this holiday is celebrated. Mar 30, 2015 - Today is #NationalDoctorsDay ‪and we'd like to thank our physicians like hospitalist John H. Howard, M.D., who make a difference in the lives of our patients in the hospital every day. For the year 2020, the theme is "Lessen the mortality of COVID 19". The first Doctors’ Day observance was March 28, 1933, in Winder, Georgia. National awareness days in April everything from World Health Day to National Doctors Day to National Puppy Day to National Pi Day and World Maths Day Today is "National Doctors Day" NATIONAL DOCTORS DAY On March 30th each year, National Doctors Day honors the professionals for their dedication and contributions to society and the community.