On Aug 14, 2009, at 16:06, Silvia Pfeiffer wrote: > There is only one thing I can think about that an "alt" attribute > could provide that nothing else does: as a blind user tabs onto a > video element, the "alt" attribute's content could be read out and > briefly describe what is visible in the poster image - or > alternatively give a brief summary of the video. Daher sind nicht mehr allzu viele Attribute übriggeblieben bzw. Here is another one, with 7.7 Billion pages indexed: http://www.google.com/search?num=100&q=site:radiux.com. I have been doing some searching lately trying to find the different ones you have put together. style-Tag im Seitenkopf und style als Attribut in einem HTML-Tag, title-Tag im Kopf der HTML-Datei und title-Attribut in einem HTML-Tag). How to displays the value of the alt attribute, rel attribute and title attribute as a tooltip when you hover over an image? Should they omit the Alt Tag all together, or change it to something more descriptive such as “Image of Blue Widget on a table?”. Embed Video. Could you please answer this question again without mentioning fallback? While this may seem inconsistent, this is actually by design as we might want our video element to contain some fallback options. It quite clear to most that companies like this are profiting by preying on the uniformed. Thanks for reading my thoughts. Thanks for the alt tips. Ganz so wichtig sind sie nicht, aber es ist trotzdem sehr sinnvoll, die Alt-Attribute zu pflegen. image_stuttgart_aktiv.jpg Es ist nur noch Inhalt und Struktur gewünscht. Having an official Google webmaster blog where bunches of people can chime in is a much better way to do it, in my opinion. What happens to my google ranking when I remove content from my web site that has inbound links. Use the alt attribute to include the text of the image. Attribute Changer 10.00a kostenlos in deutscher Version downloaden! (The in the zone, don’t bother me look). Because the context that you’ve put this in gives this sentence a whole different meaning. I tried. height: pixels: Sets the height of the video player: loop: loop: Specifies that the video will start over again, every time it is finished: muted: muted It should be better to have no description because nowhere can read them automatically into his system. They may be used in different contexts, even within this Web site. The Use of an ALT and TITLE Tag with images is for SEO very important. … and the text in the image is not present otherwise. I like ones like this that covers fundamental basics, that is at least until I learn them all! Should each image have a different alt tag, where each tag describes the image? However even then it would not be an element it would be an add-in for the variable in which the programmer wants it to correlate. pushing a solution that hides links in content with no disclosure whatsoever, or trying to garner a bunch of off-topic links via expired domains), that’s the sort of thing that would cause us to look more closely and possibly penalize the link broker site as well. Just looking over some of your older posts and I can’t believe that there’s a webmaster blog with RSS! The number one trouble would be a browser that does not support HTML5, which is when the VIDEO element was introduced. The header’s cool in the Webmaster Help blog, but the rest of the layout could stand to have a little more color and background contrast. Definition and Usage The required alt attribute specifies an alternate text for an image, if the image cannot be displayed. Hi, Roy. Why doesn’t Google take a top-down approach, rather that bottom-up? 07.12.2017 17:22. nach oben. The alt attribute is an internet veteran, introduced in HTML 2 in 1995. Matt You are awesome for sharing your knowledge with so many people. I might say something on an image nav. Also, it becomes like an ongoing serial – one knows that concerns expressed will be responded to by someone directly in a power making position, whose biases, strengths and weaknesses one learns from continuous communication. So I deleted the metadescriptions yesterday. IMG would be an element if HTML was an object oriented platform, but it isn’t. Or should the alt tag incorporate key words related to search key words? Er gehört zu den Meta-Angaben und ist für den User nicht sichtbar. people are talking that tags or no more in seo games but as i always use appropriate tag in all of my website believe that tag are still alive and will stay on for seo if and only if you use them properly and donot try to trun them into spam, If a site is receiving an over optimization demotion, would it be better to just leave out the Alt tags? Only social bookmark sites are shown my metadescriptions – and this sites you will find all into the supplemental index. Weitere virengeprüfte Software aus der Kategorie Tuning & System finden Sie bei computerbild.de! Use the alt attribute to include the text of the image. While this may seem inconsistent, this is actually by design as we might want our video element to contain some fallback options. ), because I am using the same text for two different tags? I like your videos, simple and easy to follow even for those that just started with building websites and optimizing them. Thanks. That is a crack up Michael dressed up like a Googler. Adding alternative text to photos is first and foremost a principle of web accessibility. Here’s the video: Would it behelpful to change the DSC287287.jpg into cat-ball-yarn.jpg? See Functional Images. JLH, well-put. Saw the video last time. “Matt Cutts Said, Basically also ‘/’ would be a different destination and therefor you have the exact information on 3 different pages / locations on your site. … and the text in the image is not present otherwise. I might put something into an image that is also a link and say; this is a picture of a beautiful sunset on lake whatever, with people walking barefoot along the beach. I don’t think this forum lets you talk about HTML tags (or use those ASCII arrows?) what if i write