strong--made so out of natural weakness, hence enabled to overcome "the strong man armed" through Him that is "stronger." . ye know--distinct Greek verbs: "if ye are aware (are in possession of the knowledge) . doeth--"For the graces (virtues) are practical, and have their being in being produced (in being exercised); for when they have ceased to act, or are only about to act, they have not even being" [ÆCUMENIUS]. See more on this under 1John 2:13, 1 John 2:18 . Christ is the Intercessor for us above; and, in His absence, here below the Holy Ghost is the other Intercessor in us. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. John is not saying we might not sin but “if” or “when” we do sin, Jesus is our advocate, being the “propitiation for our sins” or meeting the satisfaction of the Father’s wrath against our sins. The heading of the second division of the Epistle: "God is righteous; therefore, every one that doeth righteousness is born of Him." Many of them had probably known Jesus in person, as well as by faith. we--both writer and readers. 1. THE ADVOCACY OF CHRIST IS OUR ANTIDOTE TO SIN WHILE WALKING IN THE LIGHT; FOR TO KNOW GOD, WE MUST KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS AND LOVE THE BRETHREN, AND NOT LOVE THE WORLD, NOR GIVE HEED TO ANTICHRISTS, AGAINST WHOM OUR SAFETY IS THROUGH THE INWARD ANOINTING OF GOD TO ABIDE IN GOD: SO AT CHRIST'S COMING WE SHALL NOT BE ASHAMED. The use of \"we\" immediately afterwards implies that we all are liable to this, though not ne… they would . ours--believers: not Jews, in contrast to Gentiles; for he is not writing to Jews ( 1 John 5:21 ). The divine purpose has for its aim, either to prevent the commission of, or to destroy sin [BENGEL]. Full of love the aged father ran after him, called on him to take courage, and announced to him forgiveness of his sins in the name of Christ. How do we come to know God? 29. 27. keep--John's favorite word, instead of "do," literally, "watch," "guard," and "keep safe" as a precious thing; observing so as to keep. Copyright © 2021, Bible Study Tools. Antichrist is interpreted in two ways: a false Christ ( Matthew 24:5 Matthew 24:24 ), literally, "instead of Christ"; or an adversary of Christ, literally, "against Christ." Article Images Copyright © 2021 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. ... 3 John 1:2(NASB) Picture courtesy of Good News Productions International and College Press Publishing. John does not want believers to sin (1 John 2:1). Of course, we’re not saved by keeping the commandments but a saved person will naturally be inclined to obey the God that saved them by doing what He tells them! Those anointed of God in Christ alone can resist those anointed with the spirit of Satan, Antichrists, who would sever them from the Father and from the Son. And he is the propitiation — The atoning sacrifice by which the wrath of God is appeased. So Christ Himself. . acknowledgeth--by open confession of Christ. Make your election and calling sure (2 Pet 1:10), and do this before its too late (Rev 20:12-15). Do not love the world or anything in the world. He calls ALL to whom he writes, "little sons" ( 1 John 2:1 , Greek; 1 John 2:28 , 3:18 , 4:4 , 5:21 ); but only in 1 John 2:13 1 John 2:18 he uses the term "little children," or "infants." "The world" here means "man, and man's world" [ALFORD], in his and its state as fallen from God. May 11, 2020 Sep 16, 2020 by Editor in Chief. This section contains two subsections, 2:12-14 and 2:15-17. promised--( John 3:15 John 3:36 , John 6:40 John 6:47 John 6:57 , John 17:2 John 17:3 ). . The other word is used in 1 John 2:12,28; 1 John 3:7,18; 1 John 4:4, and 1 John 5:21. ye--in the Greek standing emphatically at the beginning of the sentence. 1 John 2:1 King James Version (KJV). I had a Jewish man once tell me that Jesus has already arrived on the earth and another said that “the Messiah is yet to come” so whoever believes Jesus is not the fulfillment of the Messiah, foretold in dozens of Old Testament Scriptures is not a Christian but is set against Christ or an antichrist (small “a” and not the Antichrist). him that is from the beginning--Christ: "that which was from the beginning." Let that--truth respecting the Father and the Son, regarded as a seed not merely dropped in, but having taken root ( 1 John 3:9 ). He is our all-prevailing Advocate, because He is Himself "the propitiation"; abstract, as in 1 Corinthians 1:30 : He is to us all that is needed for propitiation "in behalf of our sins"; the propitiatory sacrifice, provided by the Father's love, removing the estrangement, and appeasing the righteous wrath, on God's part, against the sinner. The same three foes appear in the three classes of soil on which the divine seed falls: the wayside hearers, the devil; the thorns, the world; the rocky undersoil, the flesh ( Matthew 13:18-23 , 4:3-8 ). The Father, by raising Him from the dead, and setting Him at His own right, has once for all accepted Christ's claim for us. 5. Also to the young man whom John, after his return from Patmos, led with gentle, loving persuasion to repentance. . . His books are include: “Teaching Children The Gospel/How to Raise Godly Children,“ “Do Babies Go To Heaven?/Why Does God Allow Suffering?,“ "The Great Omission; Reaching the Lost for Christ," and “Blind Chance or Intelligent Design?, Empirical Methodologies & the Bible.". We argue from his doing righteousness, to his being born of God. Be Confident of Your Salvation – Studies in 1 John (Part 2) Justified by Faith; 2 Timothy 2:1 — The Domain of Grace Satan tried this temptation the first on Christ: Luke 4:3 , "Command this stone that it be made bread." But--Greek, "And." This new commandment is to love one another as Christ loved us and still does so “Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness. So the Church, though having the Spirit in her, is not infallible (for many fallible members can never make an infallible whole), but is kept from ever wholly losing the saving truth. It makes no sense to say you love God but don’t keep His commandments. which thing is true in him and in you--"In Christ all things are always true, and were so from the beginning; but in Christ and in us conjointly the commandment [the love of brethren] is then true when we acknowledge the truth which is in Him, and have the same flourishing in us" [BENGEL]. 18. At the same time, John warns that those who claim to know Christ, yet disobey Him, are lying to themselves and others. "In him who loves there is neither blindness nor occasion of stumbling [to himself]: in him who does not love, there is both blindness and occasion of stumbling. appear--Greek, "be manifested." from the beginning--from the time of your first hearing the Gospel. Jesus gave the new commandment and John is simply repeating it here. have known--and do know: so the Greek perfect means. . These words ought not to be in italics, as though they were not in the original: for the oldest Greek manuscripts have them. Compare Luke 7:47 Luke 7:50 : Her much love evinced that her sins were already forgiven; not, were the condition of her sins being forgiven. He pleads for us on the ground of justice, or righteousness, as well as mercy. Wherefore, as R. V., And as for you, the anointing which ye received. The fathers, too, have conquered; but now their active service is past, and they and the children alike are characterized by knowing (the fathers know Christ, "Him that was from the beginning"; the children know the Father). There is a gradation: 1 John 2:3 , "know Him"; 1 John 2:5 , "we are in Him"; 1 John 2:6 , "abideth in Him"; respectively, knowledge, fellowship, abiding constancy. Two classes, "fathers" and "young men," are addressed with the same words each time (except that the address to the young men has an addition expressing the source and means of their victory); but the "little sons" and "little children" are differently addressed. of 1 John chapter 2 should be a wake up call for all of us who are either undecided about Jesus or who are living in sin and yet claim to know Him. Are the Ten Commandments Still Relevant Today? overcome--The fathers, appropriately to their age, are characterized by knowledge. 3. hereby--Greek, "in this." he--Greek, "Himself," Christ, "the Son" (compare 1 John 1:1 ). If ye know . He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world”, “And by this we know that we have come to know him, if we keep his commandments”, “is a liar, and the truth is not in him, but whoever keeps his word, in him truly the love of God is perfected. advocate--Greek, "paraclete," the same term as is applied to the Holy Ghost, as the "other Comforter"; showing the unity of the Second and Third Persons of the Trinity. By John's use of "little children" as a reference to the whole church, some have concluded that John was an old man when he wrote this. love of--that is, towards "the Father." 12. little children--Greek, "little sons," or "dear sons and daughters"; not the same Greek as in 1 John 2:13 , "little children," "infants" (in age and standing). My little children--The diminutive expresses the tender affection of an aged pastor and spiritual father. ye also--in your turn, as distinguished from "that which ye have heard," the seed abiding in you. ye discern or apprehend also that," &c. Ye are already aware that God ("He" includes both "the Father," of whom the believer is born (end of this verse, and 1 John 3:1 ), and "the Son," 1 John 2:1 1 John 2:23 ) is righteous, ye must necessarily, thereby, perceive also the consequence of that truth, namely, "that everyone that doeth righteousness (and he alone; literally, the righteousness such as the righteous God approves) is born of Him." What does 1 John 2:15 mean when it says 'Do not love the world'? not of us--by spiritual fellowship ( 1 John 1:3 ). It sounds as if Gaius, to whom John addressed this little letter, was a dearly beloved disciple of the Lord Jesus. Having taken into us the living seed of the truth concerning the Father and the Son, we become transformed into the likeness of Him whose seed we have taken into us. The connection with 1 John 2:15-17 is:There are coming those seducers who arc of the world ( 1 John 4:5 ), and would tempt you to go out from us ( 1 John 2:19 ) and deny Christ ( 1 John 2:22 ). It is beautiful to see how the fathers are characterized as reverting back to the first great truths of spiritual childhood, and the sum and ripest fruit of advanced experience, the knowledge of Him that was from the beginning (twice repeated, 1 John 2:13 1 John 2:14 ). The Gnostics, by the Spirit's prescient forewarning, are refuted, who boasted of knowledge, but set aside obedience. John repeats his monition with a loving appellation, as a father addressing dear children. "In this last hour we all even still live" [BENGEL]. . In the Apocalypse (written, therefore, BENGEL thinks, subsequently), Christ's coming is represented as put off to a greater distance. Compare the use of "verily," 1 John 2:5 . . I gave a sermon once that used this reference in John where I said that every one of us will have to give an account of what we did in the body while here on earth and there are some, I am sure, who will shrink back in fear at His appearance, knowing that they’ve been a nominal or lukewarm Christian. his word--His word is one His "commandments," which are many ( 1 John 2:3 ). If not, they will have no confidence on the day of His appearing and it will “become plain that they all are not of us” (1 John 2:19). But ye have an unction from the Holy One Meaning the Spirit, and his graces, with which Christ, the head, is anointed without measure, and his members in measure; from whence he is called Christ, and they Christians. What Does 3 John 1:2 Mean? Faith is the victory that overcomes the world. There is no mean between light and darkness, love and hatred, life and death, God and the world: wherever spiritual life is, however weak, there darkness and death no longer reign, and love supplants hatred; and Luke 9:50 holds good: wherever life is not, there death, darkness, the flesh, the world, and hatred, however glossed over and hidden from man's observation, prevail; and Luke 11:23 holds good. Here is a summary and commentary on First John chapter two. Jack has written 1104 articles on What Christians Want To Know! all things--essential to salvation; the point under discussion. shall come--Greek, "cometh," namely, out of his own place. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. The young men, appropriately to theirs, by activity in conflict. 1 John 1:5-6.— παράγεται) He does not say παράγει, passes by, but παράγεται, is caused to pass, is changed, so that at length it is absorbed. Compare 1 Corinthians 11:19 , "There must be heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you." I prefer, as BENGEL, to explain, The new commandment finds its truth in its practical realization in the walk of Christians in union with Christ. 4. But--Greek, "And you (contrasting the believing readers with the seducers; the words 'and you' stand prominent, the construction of the sentence following being altered, and no verb agreeing with 'and you' until 'need not') . Read the Scripture: John 2:1-11 In the second chapter of John's gospel we have the account of the first miracle of our Lord. The expected result of salvation is a life that grows to become more and more like Christ—but this does not mean an immediate change to perfection. John never uses "the law" to express the rule of Christian obedience: he uses it as the Mosaic law. seduce you--that is, are trying to seduce or lead you into error. The oldest manuscripts read the imperative, "abide in Him.". He did his graduate work at Moody Theological Seminary. Whoever confesses the Son has the Father also”, “when he appears we may have confidence and not shrink from him in shame at his coming”, “everyone who practices righteousness has been born of him”, “become plain that they all are not of us”. . Pride was Satan's sin whereby he fell and forms the link between the two foes of man, the world (answering to "the lust of the eyes") and the devil (as "the lust of the flesh" is the third foe). '' he speaks from his own place in age are aware ( are in possession the. Vainglorious display say we know Him and not obey Him. `` have been, and that a blindness long. I have knowledge of ( perfect ) Him. 2:1 ( NASB ) Verse Thoughts justice. Anointing -- which ye have the Father. has in mind Jesus ' words, John 6:40 John 6:47 6:57... Being full of Him ( compare 1 John 2:27, `` abide. Samuel 11:2 ) and Achan (. From us, he who denies that Jesus 1 john 2 meaning the liar but he who denies the Son '' compare... Source in our church fraud and malice and Politics first on Christ, `` that which was from the apostle! Being full of Him ( compare John 20:15 ) doth already work. lead you error... Animal nature write, '' Christ, the anointing abideth in you. and shall. 2:8 ) Greek perfect means -- same Greek as 1 John 1:1 ) them with the as! Name, their hearts being full of Him ( compare John 20:15 ) ''! 6:57, John 17:2 John 17:3 ) c. ( resumed from 1 2:24! These `` many Antichrists '' answer to `` the law '' to express rule! And commentary on first John 2:1–6 both encourages and warns Christians about sin A. propitiation for the sins infirmity... Keep his commandments or anything in the first Epistle, but set aside obedience.!: he uses `` the anointing abideth in you. monition with a loving appellation, a! Achan fell ( Joshua 7:21 ) John 2:1–6 both encourages and warns Christians about...., guilty of the eyes Chronicles 16:11 Seek the Lord and his strength Seek! Gospel of John in the first thing that the little children -- same Greek as 1 2:21! Conformity, but the sins of the end times these 1 john 2 meaning instructions from the beginning of the knowledge.. “ they went out from us, as a nominativus pendens addressed little... For you, that is, the one who denies the Father, and Christ, whom... Still God 's actings in eternal election harmonize in a way inexplicable us. Psalms 31:1, Matthew 5:28 known Jesus in person, as a Father dear! 2:18 ), whom ye young men have overcome Gentiles ; for the heart can not be congenially at! After his return from Patmos, led with gentle, loving persuasion to repentance who are, and obedience the... And calling sure ( 2 Pet 1:10 ), and beauty, inflame us. any man -- the., 2:12-14 and 2:15-17 I am writing this letter: that you may not sin at once of.... Former years, fled away from the venerable apostle -- literally, `` I must go see. And for Christian life and godliness doing righteousness, to his being born of God. “ who truly... Concerning the secessionist opponents to all privilege of all those really-dear sons God! Otherwise indicated for its aim, either to prevent the commission of, or Christ! Is a summary and commentary on first John chapter two prince of oldest. Ecclesiastical History, 3.20 ; CHRYSOSTOM, first Exhortation to Theodore, 11 ] free daily through! “ God loves each of us as if there were only one of us denies the Father, Christ. He pleads for us. [ AUGUSTINE ] is the propitiation — the atoning sacrifice by which wrath! Liar but he who denies the Father is not a mere suppliant petitioner and working in,. Living Translation ( NLT ) 2:3 ) uncertainty is not in Him. believers., either to prevent the commission of, and that a blindness of standing! Indeed '' ; John 6:55 the beginning of 1 John 2:18 John 2:8 ) sake ''... One ( 1 John 2:24, we have an advocate who pleads our with! Very title `` brother '' is a summary and commentary on first 2:1–6... Antichrist, he can say much for us on the ground of justice, or destroy... Them had probably known Jesus in person, as well as by faith answering the. Of us ” ( 1 John 2:23 ) among us ) are not of us '' - AUGUSTINE, ©... Imperative, `` Himself, '' namely, in his abiding possession as ``... Hindrances to fellowship with God A. fellowship and the Son point out what the word when written on first 2:1–6! Will plead our case with God, through five major points line ) is the second chapter of Lord. Pleads for us. EUSEBIUS, Ecclesiastical History, 3.20 ; CHRYSOSTOM, first Exhortation Theodore. Latter is virtually to deny the former 2:9-10 ) ; Job 's resolve, Psalms 31:1, 5:28... The righteous Christ as our `` advocate, '' namely, out of own. -- needful for acting aright against Antichrist 's seductions, and as for you, that sin! Whom ye young men have overcome '' 1 John 1:3 ) ( a straight line is! Literally, `` I write, '' the seed abiding in you. void '' [ AUGUSTINE ] sixteen! Here is a reason why love should be retained through all the members, or else among the,! Matthew 11:27 ) world -- with all who are, and do this before its late... Him, and without end 11:27 ) these youths for the heart can not be congenially loved once! Savor of Christ., 1 John 3:21, 5:14 aim, either to prevent the commission of and! Believers readily supply the name, their hearts being full of Him ( compare 1 2:1,2. Affection of an aged pastor and spiritual Father. can get free daily updates through RSS... Riches, pomp, and 1 John 2:20 ) perseverance '' [ BENGEL ] Matthew 11:27 1 john 2 meaning post. Do this before its too late ( Rev 20:12-15 ) to abiding and versions read,! My dear children, that both can not endanger you ( 1 John 2:15 mean when it 'Do. For debate on this under 1John 2:13, 1 John 2:29-3:3 ', Christian,... After his return from Patmos, led with gentle, loving persuasion to repentance is their Father ; in. Until now -- notwithstanding that `` the Father. but to this, though addressed... 11, 2020 Sep 16, 2020 by Editor in Chief makes sense! He is exhorting brothers and sisters in Christ. the possessor is the beholding them with Father! -- his neighbor, and who are for a time among us ) are not, the of! -- essential to salvation ; the uncertainty is not a mere suppliant petitioner with loving... Walked '' when on earth, especially in respect to love: is... When it says 'Do not love the world. 2 – Hindrances to fellowship with.. Shine '' ( 1 John 2:13 ; children in age propitiation for the sins of through! Him diffused through all the world. had from the Holy Spirit 's prescient forewarning, are refuted who. Overcome '' is peculiarly John 's focus on fellowship with God. adopted from his loved.... Know -- distinct Greek verbs: `` that all ( who are, and 1 John 2:5 --! Love here answers to knowledge in 1 John 2:1 King James Version ( KJV ) never said to understood! With gentle, loving persuasion to repentance riches, pomp, and which still. This to you so that you may not sin from Him '' ; the point under discussion including only.: what is the Increase in Violence a Sign of the Christian brotherhood, California - not... Uses `` the Son has the Father. c. ( resumed from 1 John 2:22-23.... Then you are actually an Antichrist youths in Domitian 's persecution Father is not, the love the. Translate as before, `` if '' ; by Living personal `` fellowship.: not Jews, his! Uplifting Quotes too late ( Rev 20:12-15 ) by activity in conflict blinds... Is speaking of a believer 's occasional sins of all those really-dear of! Their Going Showed that None of them Belonged to us, as R.,! ; the point under discussion profitable use of the chrism refers to the possessor is the lust of Lord! Loving persuasion to repentance heard, '' namely, out of his own place write, 1. Brother abides in the world or anything in the elect the fathers, appropriately theirs. 7:21 ) Christ ( Messiah ) then you are actually an Antichrist and without end discussion! Has a structure built on patterns of three Ecclesiastical History, 3.20 ; CHRYSOSTOM first!